Darth Dragomir

Smooth talking, deceptive, yet occasionally charming Sith Lord


The count stands a little over six feet tall, with long red hair and deep blue eyes.


Darth Dragomir, or otherwise known as Count Dragomir Vorharkonen, is a Sith Lord and former apprentice to Palpatine ( a.k.a. Darth Sidious ).

Dragomir was one of two boys taken at a young age from House Vorharkonen to train with Darth Sidious on Coruscant. The other was his near-twin, Darth Feyd.

He is an accomplished and practiced disciple of the Sith Order. After many years of study under Darth Sidious the combined loss of his brother Darth Feyd along with destruction that was visited on the world of his birth, Gedi Prime, prompted him to question the motives of his master. This led to a disastrous confrontation that nearly ended with his death.

Dragomir chose discretion as the better part of valor and managed to escape Darth Sidious, where he then made his way to the Tapani Sector. There, he petitioned the Council of Counts to recognize his claim – which he could validate with birth records and genetic testing – to the Vorharkonen District on Gedi Prime. This claim was recognized by Emperor Gregor and Dragomir was dubbed Count Vorharkonen.

Since then, Dragomir has been quite content with this outcome. He is no less a Sith than before, only he feels more a master of his own fate and his own studies. Any that consider him less, or assume he has forgone his Sith ways has met with a swift and abrupt end.

He currently has an uneasy truce between himself, the local natives who now call themselves Cetagandans and a large, militant contingent of Bene Gesserit whom call themselves Sisters of Battle.

More recently, Dragomir has learned that his family is not so decimated as it seems since he is a cousin by blood to the Jedi padawan, Vanya Ysadora. This fact has not been exactly delightful as he has maintained a respectful animosity towards the young Jedi. Not enough to outright kill her, but enough to occasionally disrupt her life for his own personal goals, amusement or reasons.

Along with this, he has learned he’s related to a man named Lev Ysadora from the Corporate Sector.

Darth Dragomir

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