Danar Vorpadaran


VNY’s Notes version:

((Introduced in Shards of Honor adventure 1.0, “Blood Inheritance”.))

Third son of a minor house ( therefore addressed as “Lord Danar” and not “Lord Vorpaderan” at formal occasions), a saber-rake, his greater House (and, later, government) make use of him to solve awkward problems, which started with relocating the new secret allies — the Jedi Council — onto a privately-owned world which appeared on no star charts: Dendarii. Regent Vorkosigan depended on him for the most outre things, and now, so does Emperor Gregor.

Excellent shot with ship-based weapons, able to talk at incredible speeds when trying to persuade someone to go with his suggestions, consistently generous to his companions and even to new acquaintances. He genuinely likes being a member of the Vor class. I’m not sure what’s going to happen to his overall personality when his relatives finally grasp the notion that he’s a man, not a boy, and has BEEN an adult for some time now.

He has a military rank so he’s a member of the Tapani Military somehow.

Danar Vorpadaran

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