Crix Madine

Former Imperial Officer and gifted military tactician


From Vanya Ysadora’s datapad …

The “Storm Commando” thing, which includes K7, was his idea.

Crix Madine was first encountered in the Shards of Honor adventure 19.0 “Mission of Mercy”

Born on Corellia, Crix Madine attended the Raithal Academy and entered service in the Imperial Army. He rose quickly through the ranks after establishing himself as an innovative tactician and effective leader. He was engaged to a woman named Karreio.

When the Imperial Military identified a need for a surgical strike force to counter the Alliance’s guerrilla tactics, Madine was selected to form the unit. The result was the Storm commandos, and following that K7, which Madine hand picked from the stormtrooper ranks and trained himself. He led the unit on a number of missions, but found the missions he and his men were called on to perform were increasingly questionable.

He attempted to defect to the Alliance prior to the Mrlsst Insurrection, and, to prove his loyalty, Madine provided essential intelligence information leading to the recapture of the Tapani Alliance flagship, Gregor’s Pride. However, it was the order to release the Candorian plague on Dentaal that convinced Madine it was time to leave for good.

Wracked with guilt over his role in the death of the entire Dentaalian population, Madine left his unit while performing a training mission. Madine erased himself from Imperial records, although his disappearance was covered by some HoloNet news channels. He did not even tell his fiancee where he was going, not wanting to place her in a dangerous situation. From there he was assisted by operatives sent by Simon Illyan in defecting from the Galactic Empire to the Tapani Alliance.

Crix Madine

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