Burgess Dusard

Highly nervous technician for the Procopian Defense Force


Burgess has short-cut, wavy, sandy-brown hair that never quite seems to stay combed, and green eyes. He stands a slim five foot nine, and seems embarrassed when people focus direct attention on him.


Burgess Dusard is a ‘technician, first class’ rank in the Procopian Defense Force. He’s fairly young for the position at twenty-eight, though considered very skilled.

However, when the moment calls for it, Burgess has the heart of a lion – even if he doesn’t seem physically imposing at first glance. What he lacks in available, traditional weapons or combat experience, he makes up for with a quick intelligence and a highly disturbing ability to use his environment to maximum advantage.

Burgess is at home in a lab, which is where he is the most confident. He can be found – quite often – wearing a pair of corrective lens frames. The ‘lenses’ are a holographic projection of different data feeds; he never seems to have them turned off, though it doesn’t seem to impair his vision or what he sees.

First Appearance: A Civil Crusade

Burgess Dusard

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