TC367 ARC sergeant


member of the ARCtrooper unit known as Razak’s Roughnecks, self-referenced as “Apes”

Brutto’s very fond of blunt force. He pretty much feels that he is an expert at wielding a hammer, and the universe consists mostly of nails. He is not very likely to think of others’ feelings before he acts or speaks. He comes across as a little bit of a bully sometimes. Most people notice the bluntness, the loud preference for simple sitreps and physical solutions, and forget that he earned the rank of sergeant — and authorization to wield some very dangerous heavy weaponry — for a reason.

Brutto likes to bake. True story. When he is feeling conflicted about something that does not have to be resolved immediately, he goes off and beats dough until wonderful magic things come out. He says there is absolutely no semantic difference between making a puff pastry and making a custom shaped explosive.

Originated in adventure 5.0 “Lost and Found” or in the 5.5 ‘between adventures’ area, depending on one’s point of view


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