Asajj Ventress

female Dathomirian ex-Sith warrior queen


Widow of Spar, complete with son, she’s sure no soccer mom.

Lady Ventress is one of the key figures in the half-joking-and-fully-serious “Mystic Mob” network, a group of Force users who can debate their religious differences with table-thumping enthusiasm over a Katunda luncheon and in the next breath, pass each other intel or support on a matter outsiders would expect to start a religious war.

Don’t get me wrong: we each still think we’re more right, religiously speaking, than the other people at the table. We merely don’t have to be right all the time … and we respect each others’ convictions as we expect to be respected for our own.

Lady Ventress may have left the Sith order, she might even have gotten the early underpinnings of her faith from the Dathomirian Orders, but it seems to me that the more pain and suffering she sees in the Galaxy, the more firmly she settles into the row of implacable defender. She’s like the Crimson Knights in some ways.

She’s also currently The Mand’alor.

There are some among the Mandalorians who don’t like that. I note that none of them have the gonads to say to her face that they’ve changed their minds about recognizing her authority. Go get ‘em, milady; I’ll hold your flower.

Originating adventure: Shards of Honor 24.0 “Raid on Kamino”

Asajj Ventress

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