Anatoly Vorbanovich

Vor Baron, House Cadriaan


A quiet, reserved man, not very comfortable in the spotlight, Anatoly never expected to be Baron of his house, or have a seat on the Council of Counts; his thing has been cheese-making. Between the Galactic Empire and the subsequent chaos on his home world of Gilliana, all while he was offworld serving in the Tapani military, he became not only the highest-ranking member of his House but quite possibly one of the highest-ranked members of the umbrella group known as “”/wikis/cadriaan-province" class=“wiki-page-link”> House Cadriaan“. Poor man can’t even throw a ball in gratitude for someone’s support without some sort of political attack interrupting it. Oh, and his teenage daughter thinks ”/characters/lod-zorad" class=“wiki-content-link”>Lod looks fiiiiiiiiiiine in his dress uniform.

Originating adventure: Shards of Honor 28.0 “Birthright”

Anatoly Vorbanovich

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