Star Wars: Shards

Episode 3.04 - The Revolving Temple, part 5

An ancient tale ...

Star Wars – Shards of Exploration

Episode 3.04


When last we left …

Rescuing the Bendu temple and the Krayt Dragon proved to almost be the end of the heroes. On leaving, the attackers covered their escape with a strafing run. This destroyed several buildings outside the Bendu temple and was almost the death of Danar Vorpadaran and So’zen Al Saba! Meanwhile Vanya avoided the strafing run but was mauled by a Naboo saber cat!

But the Force was with them, as they survived and recovered. After a brief rest, they speak again with Belshanna, the Bendu mystic about the path taken by the Crimson Knights: to the ancient ruins deep in the Chalcedon wasteland.

They travel across the wasteland and arrive at the ruins on the edge of twilight. As the sun set, night rose, along with the Dark Side. And with it so did the temple at the heart of the ruin. Brick by brick, the temple altered its shape until a Jedi temple by day became a Sith temple at night. Even more unusual, the heroes find themselves surrounded by dozens of the mysterious tentacle creatures. Some dozens of meters wide and long!

Assuming they might be attacked, they bring the vehicles inside the ruin. Then turn to meet the only inhabitant: a reptilian creature dressed in traveler’s clothes and robes. A being who claims to be a guardian of a fantastic and ancient device called an ‘Infinity Gate’. Which seems to be the reason the Crimson Knights were here at all.


On this visit a year ago, Ivana Maeques’ second visit, they were asking whether there’s an Infinity Gate on Biss.


Dear Master Skywalker:

Are the quantum anomalies in The Maw spaced evenly according to their relative sizes and strengths?



Dear Vanya,

The Maw? Vanya, do I want to know?

Last I understood, it’s just a mess of black holes. I don’t think they are organized or anything by size or strengths. Not that I know of. It’s just a messy knot that is very dangerous to explore.



Dear S:

Wait. You’re a pilot and you NEVER LOOKED?

Okay. Could you ask Hicks? Tell him I am actually asking.



Dear V:

The only port is on a desert world. That is a prison planet. Let’s review. Desert world. Prison planet. So, no, I’ve never gone to look.

I asked Hicks and he says no, they are not organized by strengths. When he last saw the Maw, it looked like a cluster of black holes so close together, they formed – in his opinion – a ‘black hole nebula’. He can’t figure out how Han Solo got near any of that and lived.



The slaves are either under the Offworld Traders, or under the Dewback Stables. They’re across the street from each other in the southern part of the city.

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