Star Wars: Shards

Episode 3.04 - The Revolving Temple, part 4

Battle at the Temple

Star Wars – Shards of Exploration

Episode 3.04


When last we left …

After recovering from the fight in Port Nevermore, the heroes took a well earned rest then made their plans the next morning. Thanks to the Collector and his data, they had two locations on the trail of the Crimson Knights: the ancient ruins to the south, and the Bendu Temple in the canyon called the Needle Forest. They chose the Bendu Temple, thinking that they could ask the inhabitants what the Crimson Knights wanted to know.

They arrived at the temple and found it under attack! A mysterious alien craft, the size of a Corellian Cruiser, hovered low over the temple complex. Armored troops were attacking the temple guards, driving them back towards the main temple.

Wasting no time, the heroes joined the fight and made their way to the Bendu Temple itself. There, they met with Belshanna the Bendu priestess. From her, they learned the troops belonged to the same mysterious being called Sargon mentioned by the Collector. They also learned the Crimson Knights were asking about a map and the ruins to the south. Then, the heroes learned about the Kwi Map when the map permitted a copy to be given over to the heroes.

Outside, the battle grew intense as the cybernetic-enhanced Krayt Dragon – that had turned against Sargon’s troops – had attacked the woman in the black armor. Sargon’s forces renewed their assault, intent on taking the temple and what secrets it holds!


Ghostie Elnon is the blue lizard man who is caretaking the ruin. Which has an “infinity gate” and a giant tree.

Dave is sleeping off his meal at the Bandu Temple.

Banzai_Aether Banzai_Aether

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