Star Wars: Shards

Episode 3.04 - The Revolving Temple, part 3

The Secrets of the Bendu

Star Wars – Shards of Exploration

Episode 3.04


When last we left …

The COLLECTOR explained about their common enemy. A being called SARGON. A self-proclaimed emperor in the Unknown Territories of the galaxy. But the truth was hard to take, given the number of bounty hunters that attacked our heroes. Some even sent by the Collector himself.

But before the Collector could explain more, sirens blared out as Port Nevermore was under attack! It was Reavers! The power to the port town died along with its automated defenses! While most of the group ran out to push back the Reavers, So’zen remained behind. Sensing something was wrong, he stayed in the Collector’s menagerie, anticipating a trap.

He was not wrong. Minutes after the assault on Port Nevermore began, Nogri Death Commandos stormed the Collector’s warehouse and began searching through the collection. Using the Force, So’zen determined the Nogri were after a certain set of data chips. He raced to the chip storage vault just in time to prevent a group of spider bots from destroying the data!

Outside the battle against the Reavers was dire. Outnumbered, the heroes bolstered the town’s defenses against an army of Reavers. Until the source of the Reavers was found. Outside the walls, a strange device was generating replicants of Reavers! The heroes moved to get at the device but that was when Nogri outside the warehouse launched their surprise attack. After a hard fight, the Nogri were defeated and the bizarre device that grew Reavers had been shut down.

As Port Nevermore settles back into a quiet night and repair crews work to restore power, defenses and the main gates, the heroes settle in for an evening rest in their ship …


The rancor granny priestess in the Temple is Belshana.


I’m gonna RESCUE that Krayt Dragon!

Banzai_Aether Banzai_Aether

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