Star Wars: Shards

Episode 2.07 - The Hunt For Silar Mins, Part 2

Truth and Consequences

Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.07

The Hunt for Silar Mins, Part II

After reaching Cenvex station, the crew sets out on two important tasks: locating Silar Mins. On speaking with station security, they explain Silar is infected with an intelligent parasite and that they have the means to remove it.

Suspecting a silent invasion, Cenvex station security plans for the worst, notifies medical and requests help from the crew of the Banana Republic. They agree, handing over a dead parasite and all data they have on how to remove it. In the process, Rushlight works with one of the doctors and invents a way to detect the parasite through pheromones.

With Cenvex medical working on the data, the crew then heads for the promenade. Some to the Mayu’s Mercy Pub, others to the station promenade. While in the promenade, Rushlight makes a quick search of the job postings and finds a lucrative job for the Beer Baron, Ahbay Ronan. The crew takes the job.

Meanwhile, using the check-in logs from the bounty hunter boards, Greelo tracks Jengir Toth to Mayu’s Mercy Pub. There the crew learns more about Silar and that he’s been meeting with a Captain Isra Garick.

But, before the crew can either search for Captain Garick or leave to check in with the Beer Baron, Silar appears! Then, so does the Crimson Nova bounty hunter, Madalitso Cardea. A fight breaks out in the promenade that stretches over two floors!

When the dust settles, Madalitso and his hired thugs are down for the count. The crew of the Banana Republic have taken their fair share of shots and scrapes in return. And … Cenvex station security arrived to arrest everyone involved to sort this out.

Six hours in security holding pass. Until the crew of the Banana Republic, Silar, Captain Garick and Jangir Toth are all released into the custody of one Mabon Pemphero, accompanied by a nervous Shree, as Silar explains to the group …

he is not Silar Mins. The person called ‘Silar Mins’ doesn’t really exist.


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