Star Wars: Shards

Episode 2.07 - The Hunt For Silar Mins

One last, best hope ...


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Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.07

The Hunt for Silar Mins

The Westlake was destroyed but its evil legacy lives on. Free from the derelict, the crew of the Banana Republic take the ARC TROOPERS in their cybernetic stasis chambers to the Jedi Temple on Allandor. There they ask for help from JEDI MASTER ANAKIN SKYWALKER.

After a week, the legendary Jedi Master is unable to free the troopers from their cybernetic prison. But all is not lost.

An outlaw tech, a squib named Silar Mins, may be their only hope. Last seen in Port Etmar on Chalcedon, the tech escaped before Droideka Mercenaries led a Reaver invasion of the town.

Master Anakin tells them to go to the world of KINYEN. There they should seek out a particular bounty hunter who can help. A hunter named JANGIR TOTH.


DZ now loves Mr. Zan who makes THE MEAT SALAD ((of rolling a 1 on the wild die)) but he is married.

Banzai_Aether Banzai_Aether

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