Star Wars: Shards

Episode 2.06 - Six Shot's the Charm, Part 5

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Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.06

Six Shot’s the Charm

Part V

When last we left, our heroes had found what they were looking for and bonus trouble to spare!

After giving the Spartan Imperium the slip and Rushlight slipping the alien parasite from his spine, they set to work disinfecting the survivors of the Malamadre.

The survivors lived but their parasites didn’t. Except for the one recovered from Rushlight. To their surprise – and Rushlight’s irritation – the parasites turned out to be sentient. The ones aboard the Malamadre were in fact part of a group that were on the run from the Spartan Imperium. It names a hidden lab on a Tombworld in the Estaph system as home.

Meanwhile, Rushlight finds a hidden capsule embedded in the Malamadre captain’s skin. The capsule contained a data chip filled with an unusual set of numbers. These turned out to be sensor frequencies allowing the crew to locate a set of empty cryo pods. Pods that were from the Westlake.

Putting those together, the crew discovers a set of coordinates deep within the asteroid remains of a shattered moon called the “Sithhound Trail”. A favorite of death-defying asteroid prospectors everywhere. At least, for those that live to tell the tale.

Using shuttles, the crew scans the zone from both sides until they track down the signal of a derelict ship. They try a few signals and get a response. The Westlake is in there! Dodging asteroids, they head in, only to find another derelict waiting for them.

Moving close, they dock with the derelict only to discover they aren’t alone. There are pirates aboard and they aren’t looking to have company! A brief fight in the hangar puts an end to the pirates … until a comms message asks the crew to wait while the pirate captain – Ada Pinnock – ‘printed’ herself a new body!


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